Popular belief has it that the path to consciousness is plastered with downward facing dogs, chakras and uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time.

If you’re like me, the thought of meditation, yoga and the rest of the spiritual circus usually stirs up the one label: No Fun.

Mind you, meditation and yoga are wonderful! Just like ski exercises prepare you for the muddy slopes, mindfulness practices allow you to ‘test’ your skills on safe grounds.

After all, if you can’t keep your balance on a dry, flat surface, the mountain is not going to be easier.

And yet. You can climb up that mountain, strap your skiers on and roll down. It takes guts. And it ain’t going to be pretty. But you’ll go down and you’ll learn a lot on the way there.

Let me take you to that mountain. Let me show you how to embrace all the daily frustrations and stress and turn them into your greatest opportunity for growth.

I have done it. You can, too.

You only need to change one thing. Now.

“Julia is an extraordinary coach. I have heard people describe working with her as “magical.” Tender, compassionate, and holding you in a beautiful energetic embrace, she gently challenges you to change your mindset, shift your thinking, unconditionally accept your self and your emotions while moving toward a more expansive life of self-expression and fulfillment. In working with her I was able to reconnect to my sense of purpose and contribution to the world, understanding that it would come about through true self-honoring. Julia’s work is enhanced by her experiences of traveling and living around the world, communicating cross-culturally and multi-lingually, engaging in international development and human rights work, and experiencing her own personal and professional process of growth. Anyone who works with her will be truly blessed.“

Juliana P.

I work with women who want to go past overwhelm and self-doubt, who want to and know they are about to expand their consciousness, but never got the hang of meditation, yoga and all the spiritual circus. I show them how they can turn around their biggest frustrations and fears to become their greatest opportunities for growth. I take them to a place where they live their lives in confidence and with a peaceful mind.

Let’s talk and change the game for you.

Talk to me.