Who Are You?

Masculinity, Identity, and other Illusions

Do you want to have a conversation about masculinity? Without the ‘toxic’, the judgment, the expectations. Exploring, questioning, seeking, finding.

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What I Offer:

I run three groups: for men on their way to fatherhood, multitasking mothers and to first-time entrepreneurs. We dissect our frustrations and feelings of overwhelm until we find what is at their core. There is no way around our expectations. We have to move through them to come out on the other end. That is where freedom lies.

I give the space, the courage, the inspiration. I hold you accountable. I’m not your friend. I’m your coach. I’ll ask you the questions that others are scared to ask.  I have no expectations of you. Whatever you truly want is what I want.

Who Am I?

I have lived across four continent, in the depth of the Amazon rain forest, in the Colombian mountains, on islands, big cities, small towns. As an international advisor I have worked with government and non-government institutions, with forest and fisher folks, communities in resistance, university students, start-up tech companies, consulting firms and rubber tappers.

I speak four languages fluently and know humanity’s diversity, cultural differences and, most importantly, the common desires and fears we all have.

I love what I do and do what I love.