About Me


I am your ultimate lover, the chip on your shoulder, the silent magician, the choke on your neck

I am the feral cat that breaks into your house and devours your hamster

I am the smile on the stranger’s face as he passes you by, your secret truth, the search for what you have not lost, the breath you so desperately try to catch

I am the forgotten food in your fridge, the sweat on your temple, a cool breeze in your hair, the thorn in your heel, the clown laughing at your pain, the dust in your eyes

I am the innocence of your lies, the unmade bed that awaits you at night, a promise of salvation, the fading memory of your infancy

I am the last inquisition, the question you forget to ask, the child you never had, your hidden boundary

I am the monster under your bed, the kiss you were afraid to give, the butterfly that died in your stomach

I am the taste of sweetness in your mouth, the devil’s voice in your head, the salt in your tears, the fire in your soul and the ice soothing your skin after I’ve burned you

I am fleeting, ephemeral, ever-present. You cannot escape me.


Julia Pereira Dias