I work with women who want to go past overwhelm and self-doubt, who want to and know they are about to expand their consciousness, but never got the hang of meditation, yoga and all the spiritual circus. I show them how they can turn around their biggest frustrations and fears to become their greatest opportunities for growth. I take them to a place where they live their lives in confidence and with a peaceful mind.

There are two ways to work with me:

Option 1: The “Conscious Woman Intensive”

The CONSCIOUS WOMAN INTENSIVE is based on three pillars:

  1. Awareness: discover which expectations cause you all the trouble and start changing the question
  2. Mindset: From To-Me and By-Me to Through-Me Consciousness
  3. Action: Free yourself from inner-emotional expectations – leading your life with ease (don’t worry, not only will you keep the outward-practical expectations, you’ll find they are fulfilled far more effectively).

Every group member kicks off the program with a 1:1 with me to create her very own journey over the following weeks. The group of 6-8 women meets weekly for eight weeks in high-energy 90 minute sessions via zoom. Additionally, you will have a private group to engage with me and with each other, complete your challenges and share your progress and setbacks.

Option 2: Private 1:1 Coaching

Deep, focused, unique. Your very own way to free yourself from overwhelm, frustrations and feelings of ‘never enough.’ Schedule your call today to discover more.

The one (and only thing) that keeps you from moving forward with even more confidence is your own mind.

I create the space for you to discover, explore and start living.

Talk to me and we walk together!