Isn’t this the least I can expect? This question used to accompany me for a good while. I thought of myself as frugal, self-sufficient and not asking for much. Whenever I could avoid it at all I’d do things myself, I never asked for help if I could help it, I had no desires and no needs. Or so I thought. So, why did it seem that the little that I wanted was so hard to get?

Only when I began to question my frugality, my beliefs, behavior and what that actually meant for others, did things change. Today my expectations are high. I have needs, wants and desires; I ask for help when I want it. And I (almost) always get what I want. And when I don’t get it in one place I know how to get it from another.

It doesn’t take a magic wand or great luck. It takes courage, clarity and willingness to change. Let me know when you’re ready.


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The one and only thing that keeps you from moving forward with even more confidence is your own mind.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]