Who are you (supposed to be)?

Use common sense. Consider your poor old mom. Follow our advice. Think of your children. Make your dad proud. Be careful, responsible, reasonable, realistic, sensible. Do not ever do what you really want to do. Feel that?

I have created a program that teaches aspiring and first-time entrepreneurs how to move beyond the need for approval and support.

When you learn to separate your own expectations from the ones of your close circle you discover the wealth of support and opportunities that help you create your dream business.


Mind Your own business

If other people’s expectations are what has kept you from becoming an entrepreneur or doing the work you really love, it is time to change the game.

Join The Road to Freedom and begin to live your life as who you are.

  • Four months of intensive group coaching;
  • Small groups for maximum intensity and transformation;
  • Find out whose expectations really hold you back and how to break free;
  • Clear, practical action steps;
  • A close, empowering community to hold you accountable and support you;
  • A private online group where you can share, interact and connect between calls.

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