Who’s driving?

Don't let fear run your life

(c) Michael Menenghetti

Whether it’s the fear of the actual virus or its effects on the economy, relationships or social environment, the hamster is running on its mental wheel again and picking up speed…?

Fear and expectations are part of our lives. We have all learned at some point to fear pain, whether it’s physical or emotional. There is nothing wrong with it. We all have expectations and are confronted with other people’s expectations. This is a normal part of life.

We also experience fear. Rarely in an acute threatening situation, and much more often in the form of worry, anxiety or pessimism. In other words, our fears usually resort around our (unknown) future. It is normal. It is human.

It does not mean that we allow fear to take over control and determine how we feel, act and live. Nor does it mean we have to feel overwhelmed by people’s expectations or frustrated when they don’t meet ours.

My name is Julia Pereira Dias, and I have worked with clients all over the world to find their freedom and be in charge of their inner world. I help them to question their thoughts and beliefs, access their own voice, and learn to accept and embrace their feelings without judgment. The outer world follows.

I offer a one-off intensive session to help you get off the wheel and grounded again forĀ  280 Euro only.

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And in the meantime, read this to cool your mind.