Is A Man’s Experience For Me?

This is for you if

  • You are a man;
  • You and your partner are planning (or struggling) to have a child, are pregnant or just had a child;
  • You have experiences, feelings and thoughts that you find difficult to share with those around you;
  • You feel overwhelmed by the expectations you and others place on you;
  • You are ready to deconstruct your ego (don’t worry, we’ll leave some of it) and create another vision of who you are;
  • You are willing to hold the space for others and enter the space they hold for you;
  • You are committed to show up with curiosity, an open mind and without judgment.


This is NOT for you if

  • You believe that you are the victim of an unjust world;
  • You want advice on how to change people around you;
  • You are looking for a place to bash and judge others;
  • You expect a quick fix without doing the work.


Why is A Man’s Experience Led by a Woman?

Yin and Yang. A Man’s Experience is a men’s group. You will see that you are not the only man experiencing those awkward feelings, doubts and uncomfortable thoughts.

You hold each other’s space and empower each other to say and share things you never felt safe to express.

I am the Yin. I hold that space for all of you and make sure that your transformation goes BEYOND that space.

I help you take your freedom with you into your life. I bring the feminine perspective without any expectation. So that you can explore, understand and have compassion for yourself and everyone else.

Is The Woman’s Intensive For Me?

This is for you if

  • You are a woman;
  • Your life looks good on paper, but it doesn’t FEEL like it;
  • You are tired of overwhelm and constantly feeling you ‘should’ do or be more;
  • You are ready to face the questions you may have been avoiding so far;
  • You want FREEDOM in your life, more than anything;
  • You are committed to yourself and what you really want in life.

This is NOT for you if

  • You want an answer to “what is the least I can expect?”
  • You want someone to ‘fix’ your life or help you change other people;
  • You are not sure if this is what you want and not committed to making it work