The Men’s Experience

Birth is a Woman’s Experience

Where Does That Leave You?

Don’t get me wrong: child birth IS a woman’s most powerful experience. For better or worse. And while women’s access to medical care varies significantly from one place to another, there is a global shortage of loving environments that empower women to enjoy their pregnancy and give birth.

Fortunately, awareness is growing and the fact that you are reading this proves that more and more men take an interest in what happens to woman and child during the months of growth and birth.

You support her, you provide, you hold, you give.

YOU experience. Joy, excitement, awe and love.

And other feelings as well: fear, anxiety, resentment, guilt.

This is where we meet the last frontier: where is the space for the emotional experience of men?

Who do you talk to? Who listens to you? Who can you share with all those thoughts and feeelings that seem unacceptable for a supporting partner?

The space is here. In a group with a maximum of six men led by me. A space where you can speak openly and find that doubts and resistence do not make you less of a man, a partner, a father.

You have always been a supportive partner. This program helps you discover your freedom and FEEL like that powerful, supportive, grounded partner without the strain of never being good enough.

The five-months program provides all the support and empowerment that helps you free yourself from the pressure of performing and move into a state of BEING the father and partner you want to be.

A Man’s Experience

  • weekly hot seat coaching: transform your biggest frustrations into freedom;
  • a close-knit community of men: five fellow men who take the journey with you. The potential for deep, lasting friendship;
  • an experienced coach with the female perspective: that helps you understand where conflict comes from, what is behind the taboos and how we can create space that holds us all;
  • practical, powerful steps you can take to release the pressure of expectations;
  • an online community where you can share, interact and connect between calls.

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